Saturday, January 31, 2009

Will be gone for a whle

For those that care.....

My family is one of those that was hit by the bad ice storm in the states. We are still without power and probably wont get it back until late next week sometime if we are lucky. A tree limb fell on our main utility pole and broke it at the ground, because of this we have to get our power disconnected just to fix it and they are concentrating more on getting power to everyone else so .. We are last on the list.

We ran away to Missouri for the night to get some laundry done and a few showers taken. I hope to be back asap. For those of you who werent affected by the storm please say a prayer for those of us who are. My husband and I were lucky enough to get some camping heaters to help keep one room in the house sort of warm for our son. Alot out there arent that lucky. Hope to be back soon.....


Monday, January 19, 2009

Two New Tutorials With My Kit Be Mine

These two tuts were written by one the the CT members over at the Creativity Box. Her name is Mistress Rose and she did such a beautiful job with my kit. Anyways on to the tutorials. Just click on the images to go to them.

Hearts and Flowers

Raggedy Treasures

Happy Creating.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lottery at BabyV Dezign Scraps

It's a Lotto at BabyV Dezign Scrap Store.

The next 10 people who purchase $10 worth of items in my store * from any designeror any combination of designers* will get there name put in a drawing. Total in order must be $10.00 in USD dollars or higher. My son Elijah will pick the winning number and that person will get the kit below " Butterfly Love" for FREE!!!

This kit isn't available for purchase in any store until Feb 1st. So come on by
BabyVDezign Scraps Store and try a chance at winning.

New Christmas Mega Deal Pack

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to let you all know of a new mega deal I have going on in most stores. I am bundling up all of my Christmas themed kits and selling them as one. This bundle is worth $22.00 but you can get it for only $8.00. WOW!!!
All together there are 105 papers and 248 elements. This bundle comes in both full and tagger size.

Also at BabyV Dezign Scraps Store most of our designers are having a 50% off sale so stop on by and take a peak. Ya never know when you might find something you just cant live without.

Happy Creating

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Kit Feelin Froggy

Hi all,
I have a new kit out called Feelin Froggy. Its a really cute kit more of a summer/spring nature, and it comes in both tagger and full size. It has 26 papers and 54 elements the elements are listed below as well as a list of a few stores where you can buy it. Happy Creating.

Not all elements are shown in the preview.
Elements are:
8 clipart.
6 reels,
5 bows,
5 buttons,
5 filmstrips,
5 flower gems.
5 ladybugs,
5 ribbons,
5 ricrack,
3 flowers,
1 butterfly,
1 overlay.

Happy Creating

BabyVDezign Scraps Store

Mischief Scrapz

Treasured Scraps

Angelic Scraps

Friday, January 9, 2009

Get My Newest Kit Butterfly Dreams FREE!!!

Hey everyone,
How would you like to get my newest kit Butterfly Dreams for free?
Yes .. I said free. This month only at Treasured Scraps I am having a $2.00 sale on all my scrap kits to celebrate me being the designer of the month. If you buy $6.00 worth of my items you get my newest kit Butterfly Dreams free.
Butterfly Dreams wont be available in stores till February 1st and comes in both full and tagger size. It contains 34 papers, more than 50 elements and a one set of alpha.

Happy Creating

Friday, January 2, 2009

Treasured Love Blog Train Freebie Kit

The designers of Treasured Scraps have been bitten by the LOVE BUG! Below you will find the blogs of all the inflicted designers. You will need to visit all of the blogs to see how each designer has been affected.

click image for download link.

Treasured Scraps is having a valentine blog train.
Above is the preview to my part. I hope you have fun riding the choo choo.
Don't forget to stop by all the other wonderful designer's blogs to get the free valentine gift they made for you.

Honored Scraps
WD Designz
Baby V Dezign
Classie Creationz
Diva Designz
Enigmaz Dezinz
Heavens Designz
imps provisations
Katelynns Designs
KissedbyPix - Team Kissed
Loyal KD
Marianne's Creations
Scraps by CWD
Stacey's Designs
Wench Designs
Witchy Scrap Dezignz

Special sale and promotion at Treasured Scraps

Click on image to go to store.

Hi everyone I was shocked last night to find out I am the designer of the month at Treasured Scraps for the whole month of January. So to celebrate I am having a sale and a give away kit. For the month of January only at Treasured Scraps my kits will be marked down to $2.00 a piece and if you buy $6.00 worth of my products you get a kit I haven't released yet for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!.
The sale add is the closest thing to a preview that you will see at the moment as it is still a work in progress and yes .. its a doozey of a kit. It already has 34 papers 42 elements * with more being added* and possibly even an alpha as well. So hop on over to Treasured Scraps and take a peak.. ya never know whats over there that you may decide you can't live wihtout.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and a few Layouts

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so late late posting layouts its not even funny.
We had a bit of a family issue happen around Christmas and it took its toll on me completely. I have a sister that is mentally ill and she was missing for 5 days. No one had heard from her, she didn't go to work, she wouldn't answer her phone which that in itself was EXTREMELY odd. My whole family knew that she was sick but she would never admit it to herself. Well while my family went searching I called the hospitals and found her. She had taken what we all thought was a positive step for herself and admitted herself into a mental hospital. Ends up she only did it because she didn't want to go back to work and she needed a way to get her sick pay * sigh*.

Well now my sister is out of the hospital. She is on some kind of medicine that zones her out completely, which is probably what she needs anyways. She also now refusing to talk to us at all. She didn't want no one to know where she was or what was going on. Apparently she didn't think we wouldn't notice her 7 phone calls a day .. who knows lol.

Anyways that is what kept me behind in posting and producing this month. I love my sister alot even though shes a nut job and doesn't realize she has a family that cares.

Ok now on to the layouts. Once again my CT member Darlene has completely and utterly outdone herself. I gave her all these kits to work with yesterday and she gave me layouts for everyone of them almost immediately. I was SHOCKED!!! Some of them are Christmas ones * sigh.. told ya I was behind* but I hope you enjoy them just the same.

One of the women in the pictures below is her daughter. She was recently in a 4 wheeler accident and all the bones in her face was broken from it. Her family has been through a rough time this Christmas as well as mine. I think she looks so beautiful.. she is such a strong woman just to have survived the pain. She is a walking Christmas miracle.

Layouts from my new valentine kit Be Mine

Layouts from my part of the Sweet N Sassy January Collab

Layouts from my kit Merry Christmas

Layouts from my kit Christmas Thyme

Layouts from my mini kit Blue Island Dreams