Saturday, January 31, 2009

Will be gone for a whle

For those that care.....

My family is one of those that was hit by the bad ice storm in the states. We are still without power and probably wont get it back until late next week sometime if we are lucky. A tree limb fell on our main utility pole and broke it at the ground, because of this we have to get our power disconnected just to fix it and they are concentrating more on getting power to everyone else so .. We are last on the list.

We ran away to Missouri for the night to get some laundry done and a few showers taken. I hope to be back asap. For those of you who werent affected by the storm please say a prayer for those of us who are. My husband and I were lucky enough to get some camping heaters to help keep one room in the house sort of warm for our son. Alot out there arent that lucky. Hope to be back soon.....


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