Sunday, October 25, 2009

Helping Mr Elric

Helping Mr. Elric is a collab that a group of over 30 designers are putting together to help Elric Childress.
Elric was diagnosed with DIPG a rare form of brain cancer with only 200 cases diagnosed a year. A diagnosis of brain cancer is hard for any person let alone a 7 year old. 

Elric has been a real trooper, he had a port put in last week and tomorrow he strarts radiation treatments.
To help support Elric we have made a facebook  fan page for him where we will update everyone on his condition, and post pictures of his journey.

For more information on how you can donate to help Elric and his family in one of their most trying times you can contact me at

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Essays said...

I hope this kid will recover from his illness. He deserves to have a normal life and to live with happiness, he such an angel not only for his family but for all of us. Every child is a God's gift.

He's too young to feel the pain of cancer.

Thank you for sharing this and I hope that many people will help this boy.