Thursday, February 18, 2010


There has been alot of people as of late asking for Commercial Use priviledges to my kits. The answer to this is NO!! Making these kits takes my money ( YES IT COSTS TO CREATE THESE THINGS!!) my time, my effort, my thoughts, my creativity, and sometimes even my time away from my son. Below is my updated TOU and as of this date I am revoking all S4O/S4H status on my current kits.

And a note to those of you who are asking me for this, take your money, your time, your thoughts, your OWN creativity and make something that is YOURS instead of trying to get permission to sell my kits as yours.

BabyVDezign Scraps TOU

Thank you for purchasing my scrap kit. The following is my TOU please abide by this in all respects.

1)First and foremost this kit is Personal Use Only!!! It can be used in your own personal creations but it can not be used in any way shape or form to generate a profit.
Any layouts, quick pages, templates, tags, websets, cards, bookmarks ( ANY TYPE OF PRINTABLE) is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!!

2) This kit can be used with ANY pay to use artist's tubes/images just please follow their TOU as well as mine and place my copyright on the tag/image as well as theirs.
This is the copyright to place on tags/images ©BabyVDezign 2006-2010

3)NO SHARING OF THIS KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The money I get for making this kit goes right into supplies to make more.

4)If you are a Tut writer and you want to use my kit in a tutorial please do so. In your tuts you must say where you got the scrap kit,
and place a link to my site where they can purchase the kit from.

5) I would love to see any and all creations of work done with my kits. If you would like to send them to me you may do so
at and I will feature them on my blog.

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