Monday, October 27, 2008

Robbie Charity Scrap Kit

Hi Everyone I am just writing to let you know that there is a new charity kit out now. Its called Robbie
Robbie is Mischief Designz cousin .. A few weeks ago he was working on a vehicle for a friend and a drop of gas got into the carburatur .. well needless to say Robbie caught on fire. Instead of dropping and rolling Robbie ran which made him burn even more .. Kit pushed himto the ground and put him out.

Robbie has 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body .. he cant see and he has punemonia.
He was the only source of income for his family, he also has 2 children a son and a teenage daughter. The son was in Iraq but they sent him home on a temp leave from the Marine Core to be with his father.

The kit is being used to help the family with the medical bills as we know they will be high.. They have said that Robbie isnt doing so good ... we all are adults and we know what his chances are and they are very slim with how severly he was burnt. If you are able to PLEASE donate to this family. They need all the financial assistance they can get at.

You can find the preview, where to purchase the kit, and updates at Charity Scraps.

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