Monday, November 3, 2008

Why I havent posted in a week

Some people know already some dont so I will tell you all where I have been and whats going on. On October 26th I had to take my son to the ER for lung pain.. the doc * Dr. Sadler* looked him over * ears, nose, throat* and said it was strep, gave us some antibiotics and sent us home. Elijah did not get better Wednesday his temp reached 104 and I couldn't get ahold of my husband so I called an ambulance.. they were fixing to put an IV in him but the ER told them not to .. said he didnt need it. We got to the ER and they send us to the waiting room we sit there for a bit then they let us in to a room. The same doctor that seen him on Sunday comes in with 2 nurses and tells me off .. tells me that I abused the medical system by calling an ambulance to make sure my son got seen quickly .. * which I didnt do it for that reason at all* then he proceeds to tell me nothing is wrong with my son. Then after a 10 minute chewing about how he has to look out for the medical needs of the whole community and how I abused the medical system by calling an ambulance he decides to LISTEN to what is wrong with my son.

They decided to hook him to an IV since he hadnt gone to the bathroom in almost 12 hours * hmm .. he was dehydrated* then they decide to do a strep test and a flu test and then a few xrays. Well come to find out my son has pnuemonia. Then he comes in and tells me he is borderline on admitting him * even though he is dehydrated and has high temps* So he calls my sons doctor * Stacy* she told Sadler to do what needs to be done .. I told him that I prefer for my son to go home but if he needs to be admitted then admit him. He sends us home tells us to see Stacy the next day. Gives us 2 scripts one was cough syrup the other was an inhaler * found out later that both werent even necessary for what is wrong with my son.. neither would have helped*
When I was fixing to sign the discharge papers I asked what the results were for the strep and flu tests and they were NEGATIVE ... NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he didnt even HAVE strep!!!!

So Thursday I call Stacy .. Eli had an appointment at 11:00. I then call the Chief of Staff of the hospital and told him what all happened and how we were treated and that I am lawyering up.. he sends it on to the human resources office and then they call Stacy... Stacy looked at Eli and said he is badly dehydrated and needs IV fluids and antibiotics so she says go straight to the hospital get him admitted ... well we get Eli to his room and the Human resources woman meets me in the room.

Come to find out Sadler had told them I had REFUSED to admit my son. What parent in their right mind would REFUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately corrected her on it and told her not to expect me to pay any of those bills ... if that doctor would have done his job right the first time things wouldn't have turned out like that .. I then pointed at my son who was getting hooked up to an IV and said does it really look like I "abused" the medical system to you?

In two weeks Sadler goes before a review board and they will decide what to do with him compared to what other doctors would do in the case. I talked to a total of 7 different doctors and each one said they would have done an xray.

A pediatrican came in from Little Rock Children's hospital and he looked over the xrays .. my son had pneumonia in both lungs not just one, which REALLY pissed me off .. Sadler said it was just in his one lung.

Anyways after 4 days of being in the Intensive Critical Care Unit we got to take my baby home.. he still has some pneumonia in his left lung but the amount they said is manageable at home.. Every four hours I have to beat on my sons chest in the lung area to help break the rest of it up. He is on some high powered extremely expensive antibiotic and goes back to see Stacy on Wednesday for another xray and to see if is progressing or degressing... if its not better then we could end up back in the ICCU again.

So I wont be around much for the next week or so. My son takes priority over everything and he needs me more then the scrap world does at this time.. I will probably be gone for about another week or so I will still check my emails and sites on occasion so if you need anything let me know.

Thank you to everyone who left me awards.. please do not be offended if I dont pass them on right now .. I have my son to think of right now.

Below is a slide show of pics I took of him in the hospital from the 31st to the 2nd.. I know some are really blurry but thats my fault .. my hands havent stopped shaking yet from the stress .. anyways .. heres my little baby boy

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